The simple answer is NO. With all of our packages and programmes you have the option to train at home, office, suitable outdoor space or in the gym. Programmes designed to be used away from the gym can be designed to achieve any health and fitness goal. 

If you are an online package or face to face client and have equipment or exercise style preferences, we will always do our best to incorporate that into your programme. 

If you have purchased an online programme you have access to our in App tool, that allows you to video and check your exercise technique alongside the demo video. Online packages clients can also submit their videos to their trainer who will also review and feedback.

If you are a face to face client your trainer will be with you throughout your training sessions, always ensuring your correct form. At Body Function we take correct exercise technique, with every exercise and movement as being hugely importance.

At the beginning of your programme goals will be established, and assessments conducted to map your starting point to you achieving your goals. Goals tracking, monitoring and feedback will be provided throughout if you have purchased an online or face to face package.

If you are purchasing one of our online programmes you will be provided with the online and in-app ability to do this yourself. We also provide habit tracking and feedback from our end too.  

All of our programmes, online and face to face packages come with the appropriate level of support and monitoring.

If you have opted for an online or face to face package and you find that you’re struggling or losing motivation, the most important thing is not to keep it to yourself. Let your trainer know immediately and they will endeavour to give you the encouragement and motivation needed,  or make any necessary adaptations to your programme.

For our online and face to face package clients, lack of adherence to your programme would be also picked up by your trainer who would take the necessary steps to attempt to get you back on track.  

Mild to moderate discomfort when exercising is usually normal, particularly if you are new to exercising or are increasing the intensity of your training in some way.

DOM’S (Delayed Onset Muscles Soreness) can also be a consequence of exercise, which is the stiffness and soreness of a muscle or muscle group after it being trained.  This usually occurs within 24 hours of training, to an unaccustomed or more strenuous intensity, and last for between 24 to 72 hours.

If you do feel any pain or discomfort that you are concerned about, when exercising or afterwards, stop immediately and seek medical advice and clearance before starting again. 

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